Expandable Bamboo Trellis Fence

If you're looking for a garden fence that is durable and elegant, a bamboo trellis is a good choice. Bamboo is an excellent plant that can withstand any environmental conditions. Its sturdy construction makes it perfect for both residential and commercial landscaping.

There is a reason why bamboo is touted as the best for fending off critters and for keeping your plants and fruit fresh. The plant grows at an astonishing rate, so it is easy to harvest every three years. A trellis atop a well-planted bed of grass can make your gardening experience a breeze. In addition to the obvious perks, bamboo is also environmentally friendly. As a matter of fact, you can even grow bamboo indoors as long as you use the right kind of fertilizers.

As for a trellis, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some bamboo flex trellises are expandable while others can be folded to suit your needs. This means you can easily spruce up your backyard with a bamboo trellis that's just right for you. You'll also find plenty of varieties that are aesthetically pleasing, too. They're made from natural bamboo which is also a plus.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a trellis is to pick one that is built to last. Choose a trellis that is strong enough to support your favorite plants, but light enough to flex and bend as needed. Another consideration is where you want to position it. Most trellis companies offer packages that include a number of options.