What Kind Of Fishing Bamboo Rod Well

Bamboo body symmetry can be less selection, reeds can also make fishing rods. Tapping of bamboo in the fall (late summer and early autumn are best), hot air straight after, Polish, Tung oil-immersed business for more than 3 months use, which not only waterproof to prevent parched insects can also improve their strength and flexibility. Susan best (spontaneous black skin), this kind of bamboo is hard to find. Second: steel, Golden Bamboo, bamboo, bamboo can be. Wire change, reel seat, PE braid, Tung oil, lacquer, varnish them. Can be purchased online. At present, can be made to lure rods, spinning wheel no money hand pole fishing rod, the upscale Fort (stand), the Jade stalk (DIP net). Homemade bamboo, if good materials and workmanship is extremely expensive, painting fine arts and crafts have a high collectible value.