The Basics of How to Connect Bamboo Poles to Your Existing Patio

It is possible to connect your patio furniture to your existing patio wall or a patio roof. This allows the existing patio materials to stand in the same place without any additional construction or tearing. Here are some tips on how to attach a patio pole to a new or existing patio roof.

Type One: Bolt-on/Bolt on Connectors: Bamboo poles that have been attached with bolts and screws, generally do not require welding to join the ends together. They can be bolted together to a wooden base, concrete slab or other outdoor surface and left for some time to dry or mold to meet the existing structure. It may take longer but the added protection is worth it.

Type Two: Connector Types: You may have to use nails and screws to install a double pole on a single piece of wood or other material. This type of connection is best done by professionals who have the skills and tools to accomplish this task effectively and safely. Bamboo can be very slippery when wet. If you have questions about your chosen contractor and/or your project, it is advisable to find references and then visit their company.

Type Three: Basket Type: Some people choose to add baskets to a bamboo pole and anchor the baskets on either side of the pole. Baskets are often attached to a solid wood frame with dowels or screws. This method offers the best combination of stability and strength.

Type Four: The fifth type, basket type, involves adding dowels and screws to the sides of a bamboo pole. This is an attractive but less effective type of connection for many reasons. First, the entire pole may become exposed to the elements if there is a strong wind.

How to connect bamboo poles to your existing patio materials is something that you can accomplish yourself if you choose to do so. You just need the proper tools and the patience to complete the task properly and safely.

You can choose from a variety of mounting options for your bamboo pole. You can mount the pole to a flat or sloped roof or a flat roof with a pitched roof. You can also mount the pole to a concrete slab or a wooden deck or other material. The most popular mounting methods include attaching to a metal pole or a wooden deck.

When attaching your pole to a deck or other surface, you must consider the level of the deck and its design. If the deck is sloped you must measure to determine the length of your pole and then make sure it does not exceed the length of the deck. This will cause damage to the deck as well as you cannot keep a pole on the deck longer than the length.

Once you have the length of the pole, you need to attach it to your existing structure, mark the pole with a chalk line. This will keep you from trimming the pole too short and overextending yourself if it is shorter than the deck.