Development Of Bamboo And Rattan Material Value

Development of bamboo and rattan material value

Bamboo plants grow fast, high output, and annually quantitatively evaluate, in economic development (in particular economic development of third world countries) plays an important role, so bamboo in India have "poor man's timber," said. The very extensive use of bamboo, which can be summed up in traditional use, modern uses, paper and waste, and so on.

1. Traditional uses

(1) uses its fragmented: weaving, bamboo curtain, bamboo mat, bamboo shed, fence, fan, umbrella, paper lanterns, etc;

(2) use the load force: Yan rafters, drying poles, flag poles, bamboo beds, stretchers, scaffolding, chopsticks, pillars, beams, doors, flooring, bamboo, bamboo, and other furniture and appliances;