Cane Water Cooking Methods

To be boiled in sugar water, first to pick sugar cane. So, what kind of sugar cane for boiled in sugar water. In General, provisions of this sugarcane varieties not very limited, but you want to pick up some long cane growth cycle, so more sugar cane there, partly because no deformation after it has been cooked too much.

Cutting sugar cane

In General, the method of cutting sugar cane, this very special. But try to cut the size, so cooking is easier to taste. Cut too large, hard boiled, too small, and easy to cook.

Cut out like this:

① clean sugarcane skin. This step is important, because after you cook sugar cane drink water directly, do not wash, sediment or something to mix into it. Sugar cane can be scrubbed with a rag in the water or even a wire brush in a...